The Truth About Whiplash Personal Injury Claims

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Sadly if you're considering making a whiplash personal injury claim then almost certainly one of the doubts that will have gone through your head is whether you'll simply be labelled a time waster or an insurance scammer. Too many news stories today seem to focus on the very few people who unfortunately do take advantage of whiplash injury compensation claims, but in fact these people are very few in number, and are far outnumbered by the many tens of thousands of people each year who fully deserve compensation for a whiplash injury.

Whiplash injuries are usually associated with car accidents, and in particularly fairly minor car accidents. It should be noted however that this is by no means the only way in which a whiplash injury can occur. Every year many people suffer from whiplash as a result of tripping or falling, either downstairs, from ladders or simply slipping or tripping whilst walking. The mechanics of the whiplash injury will be very much the same.

This usually involves a very sudden compression of the soft, delicate tissues of the neck and upper back, followed very rapidly by a sudden extension of those same tissues. This translates to the kind of movement experienced in relatively minor car accidents, where a rear end shunt results in your head being thrown backwards, crushing the soft tissues, and then as your head recoils off the head rest the neck is suddenly extended as your head is thrown forwards.

Although in many cases the pain associated with whiplash, and the restriction of movement, can be instantaneous, and in such cases medical experts may be inclined to advise the patient to remain still whilst they check for an serious nerve damage, it is well to be aware that this isn't always the case. It is fairly common to find someone walk away from a minor bump or rear end shunt apparently unscathed, only to be suffering hours later or even the next day.

It's in exactly these cases that people feel most inclined to shy away from making a whiplash personal injury claim because they feel as though they'll be labelled as fraudulent, or just after extra money for the sake of it. This is a shame because many people don't appreciate the two important facts, that whiplash can be caused by very minor rear end shunts, and that the symptoms of whiplash are not always immediately detectable and may appear much later.

If more people were aware of these two facts then fewer people would feel so anxious about visiting whiplash solicitors to file for injury compensation. The truth is that the money awarded through compensation is usually essential in helping to cover the costs and loss of earnings which results from having a debilitating injury. Whiplash is very restrictive, and often it is impossible to drive, or to work, and this will inevitably result in days, weeks or even months off work. For many people additional expenses will be incurred through medical treatments such as physiotherapy or through paint suppressants.

A whiplash personal injury claim is very straightforward, and whilst nothing is ever guaranteed, experienced whiplash solicitors can usually provide a pretty accurate idea of the likely outcome within a short period of time. By being aware of the facts about whiplash injury compensation rather than popular misconceptions, rumours and speculation, it can be possible to gain the money desperately needed to ensure that you don't end up out of pocket as a result of something which was never your fault in the first place. Whiplash injuries are painful and frustrating enough without having the additional worry of financial strain.

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The Truth About Whiplash Personal Injury Claims

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This article was published on 2011/08/25