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Whiplash is an injury that is difficult to see right away, but it can have devastating future effects on any person that suffers from this injury. Whiplash occurs due to sudden and violent jerking motion of the head, causing damage to nerves and tissues in the neck. Because symptoms often don't show up until later, sometimes whiplash is dismissed as minor.

Whiplash is not minor, and medical attention should be sought as soon as possible after an auto accident to determine if there has been injury whenever the persons head was suddenly moved from front to back. Having documentation of receiving medical assistance is imperative to a future whiplash claim.

Having a whiplash injury is painful, and debilitating. Compensation should be sought as soon as possible to help with the costs associated with whiplash such as medical bills, chiropractic bills, and medications. Also, if the injury is severe enough, compensation will be sought for loss of income if the injury causes time lost from work, or causes the inability to work.

A good lawyer should be sought to start the process of seeking whiplash compensation. Whiplash claims need to be carefully and thoughtfully documented. When making a car accident claim, it's important to include any whiplash injury.

There are several important things to include in a whiplash claim, first of all, be sure to write everything down that occurred before, during and immediately after the accident. This includes such factors as weather conditions, conditions of the accident itself, and if there are any witnesses to the accident. Be sure to include the accident location and time as well.

Also be sure to remember and document any exchanges with the other person involved in the accident. This includes anything that is said in regards to the accident. This may be important information later in any future whiplash claims.

Symptoms of whiplash can range from mild to severe, anything from headaches to blurred vision to future tingling sensations in the arm or loss of sensation in hands can occur due to whiplash. Sometimes it will take a period of time for these symptoms to appear, which is why seeking medical attention immediately is important. Medical attention must be sought again at the onset of these symptoms, and it must be documented that these symptoms were due to the accident.

Many times, a person can seek a lawyer and make their injury claims online. It's important to make these car accident claims in a timely manner to ensure that all compensation due to the accident is received. Look for a knowledgeable and qualified lawyer that specialises in whiplash claims, and be sure to find one that has a no win no fee policy. 

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Making A Whiplash Claim

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This article was published on 2012/02/29